Friday, December 9, 2011

Hiding In My Craft Room Blue Challenge Entry!

I am so excited to enter the Hiding In My Craft Room #23 Blue Color Challenge! This is my first entry in a blogger's contest and I'm anxious to see if my first entry will win anything! :-) The guidelines for the entry were to use shades of blue (neutrals could be added too), so I made a decorative Krafty Block. Here's a photo of my finished project:
Here's what I used to make it:
*Cricut Expression with Winter Lace Cartridge
*Mini snowflake craft punch
*Extra Large Krafty Block
*Extra Large Crafty Block Stand
*Blue wire edge ribbon
*Silver holiday picks
*Blue berry twigs
*2 shades of blue 12x12 cardstock
*Foam adhesive squares
*White tulle with glitter
*Small 20 light strand

First I wrapped the light strand in some tulle and inserted it in the Krafty Block. I added additional layers of tulle so the lights wouldn't be so noticable - I wanted the glow effect without seeing the actual strand of lights. Kinda makes it look like snow! Then I wrapped the blue ribbon around the sides and secured with hot glue, and made a medium size decorative bow for the top and hot glued it onto the top of the block, so it looks like a gift package. I cut apart the silver picks, because I just wanted the silver leaves and silver Christmas tree branch looking pieces. I glued the silver leaves under the bow, then glued in the silver branches. I cut some of the blue berry twigs and glued them in around the bow.

Next, I cut out the snowflakes. I used the Cricut Winter Lace cartridge to cut 3 snowflakes. One was 3.5 inches, one was 3 inches and the other is 2.5 inches. I also used an extra small snowflake punch to add a few smaller flakes to fill in around the larger snowflakes.

I attached the snowflakes I cut with my Cricut with foam adhesive squares for some dimension, and I glued the small snowflakes around them.
And that's it! It was an easy project to make and it is really beautiful (if I do say so myself)!

Just a disclaimer...I have had no problems using the block lit up with the tulle inside. The light strand I chose was small wattage, so it does not get hot enough to burn the tulle. If you make this project, use your own judgement concerning the safety of leaving the block lit for long periods of time.

Have a great Friday!

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